Why the Name Propertarian?

Because of the power of a first impression, the name for our new political movement had to be chosen carefully.  After much consideration, the name Propertarian was chosen to be the name of our new party.  But why was this name Propertarian chosen?

Our version of Propertarianism should not be confused with that associated with philosopher Curt Doolittle.  While both versions of Propertarianism share some common features, they are both distinctly different.  The version of Propertarianism espoused on this website follows the Mises, Rothbard, Hoppe tradition, which is more commonly referred to as “anarcho-capitalism”.

First of all it should be noted that on this website, we do adhere to anarcho-capitalism in the Rothbardian tradition.  We have relabeled it Propertarianism because a more suitable name is needed to replace the name anarcho-capitalism.  Anarchy, in the mind of the public, has a very negative connotation, and has the unfortunate consequence of stifling any conversation since anarchy is now associated with chaos instead of its traditional meaning of no central authority.  Secondly, the word anarchy has been completely taken over by the Left.  When people think of anarchy as a political movement, they think of anarcho-communism, but the anarcho-capitalist/propertarian movement is decidedly to the Right on the political spectrum.

The name propertarian is derived from the Party’s unwavering stance on the defense of man’s property rights.  The Propertarian believes man’s property rights, in both himself and in what he produces, homesteads, or inherits, all come from nature.  We believe that all exchanges should be voluntary, and the best way to accomplish such voluntary exchange and defense of property rights is achieved by the free market.  This commitment to private property rights, as understood by Rothbard and Hoppe, will solve the problems of social order.

Due to the Party’s desire to be logically consist, Propertarians do not believe in a State.  We see the State as a systematic aggressor against a person’s property rights, and therefore the State is an immoral institution.  Even the night watchman state is still an aggressor to property and needs to be abolished.  The reason for this is two fold.  First, all States extract tax dollars from its citizens, and taxes being taken from the people by force must be considered theft.  Secondly, a State is the monopoly provider of defense and law in a geographical area.  This means the State is aggressing against all those who wish to provide defense and law outside of the State by forbidding them to compete with their own person and property.

In conclusion, the term anarcho-capitalism needs to be set aside, and the term propertarian should replace it.  Propertarianism, being a relatively new and unknown word, will give us a chance to speak and instill curiosity in our movement unlike the words anarchy or capitalism which usually makes people stop listening depending on the crowd.  Propertarian is an especially well suited word for this task because the institution we are trying to defend derives the word.  This institution namely is private property which is the only way to resolve conflicts peaceably and to create a thriving prosperous society.


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