The purpose of the Propertarian party is to enact real localized change.  Propertarianism is a form of libertarianism, and as such shares its views that all ethical action is derived from the Nonaggression Principle as defined by Murray Rothbard.  This means that everybody has the right to use his person or property as they see fit so long as he does not aggress against the person or property of another individual.  Propertarianism takes the Nonaggression Principle to its logical conclusion and advocates for the privatization of all property, with a strong defense of private property rights from which all liberty is derived, and the abolishing of government monopoly of the use of coercion and taxation in a geographical location.  How could the Nonaggression Principle not be contradicted when an individual is having their property seized through taxation?   Only when the individual is the absolute sovereign over himself and his property can a just, prosperous, and harmonious society arise.

Propertarianism is more than just a thin version of libertarianism.  The Propertarain has a thick view of libertarianism.  This means, a Propertarian believes that more than the Nonaggression Principle is needed to have a free and just society.  In contrast to most other thick libertarians, the Propertarian is against the modern Leftist establishment, and does not believe the equality in any form is achievable or even morally desirable.  The Propertarian is decidedly bourgeois in his social views, based on natural law, and we believe that Propertarianism is the ultimate logical conclusion of the intellectually rich and beautiful tradition of Western civilization.

While Propertarianism holds that the Nonaggression Principle and natural law are universal it does not follow that Propertarians believe in using the Federal Government to create their ideal society.  Using the general government in this way is morally wrong and extremely dangerous.  To the contrary, Propertarians are a decentralist group, and openly advocate for nullification of federal law and even for outright secession so that communities and individuals have control over their destinies, and so these communities and individuals can live in peace.

The purpose of Propertarian HQ is to play a supporting role for the local Propertarian parties.  This website is a place to coordinate Propertarian efforts in order to change local and state governments.  Propertarian HQ has a lot of resources to help advance the cause.  This is a place to bring Propertarians together to educate others and discuss ideology and strategy.