Party Platform

The platform of the Propertarian Party is really very simple.  Our motto, maximum freedom for a just society, states our end goal; we wish to maximize the freedom of the individual, and once this is accomplished a truly just society will be established.

Propertarianism defines freedom in the traditional sense of the word as it was traditionally understood in the West; our definition of freedom is the ability for an individual to not be violently aggressed against by private citizens or their government in their person or property.  We realize this means man’s freedom is achieved when his property rights are absolute and inalienable, and man has the rights that he was born into nature having: life, liberty, and property.  These three natural rights are how man achieves his freedom

In order to have a just society, the Propertarian realizes these three rights are negative rights, meaning these rights do not force any man to do something to accommodate these rights.  They only require that a man does not interfere with somebody else’s life, liberty, or property.  As an example, the right of property only requires that a man does not steal or damage another man’s property.  Today it is currently fashionable to claim many things as rights: right to healthcare, right to a house, right to work, etc.  These are known as positive rights, and these are against propertarian beliefs.  A positive right is a right which forces another man to do something in order to accommodate the right.  For the right to a house, the government must take from individuals, which interferes with the right of property, and gives to those individuals who desire a house.  In the propertarian view this is stealing plain and simple.

We believe that all unprovoked violent aggression, including the threat of aggression, is wrong.  Violent aggression are acts such as: assault, murder, fraud, breach of contract, etc.  Equally as important, violent aggression is not discrimination, unless it is enforced by government, nor is aggression any other inequity that one may find in in voluntary action because man has the right to association on his own private property.

In the Propertarians world view, freedom and justice are inseparable, and are actually two sides of the same coin.  Freedom can only come from indisputable ownership of one’s own person and property, and it is from this acknowledgement of property rights that justice is determined and achieved.

Propertaraians tend to share not only political goals, but they also have many cultural similarities as well.  Propertarianism is the child of Western thought, and therefore its adherents generally follow pre 1960s bourgeois Western cultural norms, and they are proud of their culture.

With that being said, the Propertarian Party, and its platform, have solely political goals that it actively pursues.  Propertarians can work with people from all sides of the political spectrum and from all cultures, to achieve their political aims, though this is not a statement of pursuing tolerance for the sake of tolerance.

What follows below is a list of the party’s major goals.  Party policy is two pronged, the party has an idea of what should happen at the national level, but the party also has a plan for what should happen at the state and local level.   The main goal at the national level is to lead the charge for the rights of states and localities to nullify federal law or to secede outright from the United States.  The state and local platform is what a Propertarian society would do to construct a propertarian society.

We would love to see the entire local propertarian platform carried out on a national scale across the United States.  The more places which embrace freedom the better.  The reason why we have broken the platform in to national and local section is because we realize how unlikely it is to pass our reforms in Washington D.C. especially given the current political climate and polarization.

Below is the one main national goal of the party.

  1. Political Decentralization

Today in the United States political polarization is at its most extreme since the American Civil War.  Generally their are two American cultures, conservative and liberal, each with their own subset of cultures.  All of the subset cultures have a difficult enough time getting along, and it is all but impossible for the conservatives and liberals to get along.  These two opposing ideologies have completely different world views regarding very deep and passionate ideas such as: human nature, equality, freedom, scarcity, etc.

The Propertarian realizes the folly of trying to govern a nation of over 320 million citizens with very diverse ideologies and cultural backgrounds from a centralized location.  Therefore, we advocate for the states and localities to take power back from Washington D.C. so that they may run their lives as they see fit to best fulfill their interest.  This reclaiming of power can be de facto through nullification of federal and state laws that a locality finds immoral, or it can be de jure through secession by a single locality/state or group of localities/states who wish to band together and leave the Union completely.

We believe that nobody should be forced to be ruled by someone they do not consent to be ruled by.  Over the last half century many people have felt increasingly alienated and marginalized by Washington D.C. and the elites.  In our view, the best way to preserve peace between those of opposing ideological views is decentralization so as to let each of the sides live in peace as they wish whether their view is socialist or capitalist, rather than further centralization that will oppress and exploit one side or the other more and more.

Now what follows are the polices one must follow for a propertarian society.

1.  Abolishing all taxation and regulation

Taxation and regulation are harsh burdens on the economic prosperity of a society, and they hurt the very people they are supposed to help e.g. the poor and the consumers.  Yet taxation and regulations are more than an economic burden they are also morally reprehensible since they are upheld by coercion, and therefore break the Nonaggression Principle and private property rights.  Therefore once a propertarian community is established all taxation and government regulation, from state and federal governments, is to be abolished or ignored.

2. Privatization of all Property

Steps must be taken to privatize all property in a given community.  Government, since it receives its funds through coercive taxation, can have no morally legitamate property claims.  All the property it has acquired has been stolen from the population.  Because of this all government assets should be sold off in marketable shares, based on taxes paid, with an interest in the private firms who own the former government assets.  Much Propertarian literature has been written on this subject by such great thinkers as: Murray Rothbard, Hans Hermann Hoppe, and Walter Block.

We believe that all functions currently run by the state can and should be run by the free market.  This includes: road production and maintenance, education, courts, police, and even “national” defense.  This does not mean however that everything the state does now, if privatized, would continue to exist in the propertarian society.  Those services that the state provides that can add value to a community will be provided by the free market; those services that do not add value to a community will fall by the wayside as those resources will go to more productive uses.

This system of total privatization also solves the immigration problem.  Government control of boarders aggresses on the property rights of others by either not allowing those who want immigrants on their property to house immigrants or by forcing those who do not want the immigrants to have them anyway.  Under the current regime in the United States, especially since the 60s, it has been the latter scenario.  This is because of the United States policies of practically open boarders, anchor babies, “anti discrimination” laws and an extensive and lavish welfare system, even to illegal immigrants.  The current set of laws allows for the socialization and subsidization of immigration with all the negetives that come from socialization and subsidization.  A system of privatization fixes these problem, and those communities who wish to have more immigrants may choose to do so, and not even necessarily socialize the cost onto their own community because those individuals who wish for more immigrants would have to pay for the immigrants themselves by paying for their food, housing, transportation, etc. until when and if the immigrants can find a job and social acceptance.

3. Repealing of any law which violates the Nonaggression Principle

Any law which violates the Nonaggression Principle is a morally reprehensible law, and these laws must be repealed immediately.  These include “anti” discrimination laws, labor laws, subsidies, anti drug laws, etc.

Along with this in the Propertarian society private property rights would be absolutely secure, and they could not be arbitrarily taken away from someone.  This means that any man with an objectively verifiable claim to a piece of property is the owner of said property, and any action on that property is legally permissible so long as the property rights of others is not violated.

A quick note, just because an action may be legally permissible does not mean that it is socially acceptable in a propertarian society, and that person must bear the fruit of any negative social consequences brought about by said action.

A good example of this may be drug use.  In a propertarian society drugs may be legal, but those who use drugs would be responsible for the consequences including social isolation if they live in an area that does not view drug use favorably.

4. A System of Free Banking

Free banking is a system where anybody is free to enter or leave the banking industry.  This is opposed to today’s world where banking is a large cartel run by the Federal Reserve System.

Central banking, the Federal Reserve in America, is both economically destructive and morally reprehensible.  It is the central bank which is responsible for the disastrous boom bust cycle.  Central banking also allows for systematic fractional reserve banking which allows for fraud and inflation in the banking system.  Fraud and inflation violate the Nonaggression Principle and would be outlawed in this society.

5. A System of Free Money

Along with a system of free banking comes free money.  This means that it would be people who pick and choose what they will use as money.  Most likely this would be a commodity money such as gold or a digital currency like bitcoin.  This has the positive effect of allowing for a much more sound money which aids economic grown and maintaining social stability.