The Website of the Propertarian Party

PropertarianHQ is the headquarters for the Propertarian movement in North America.  We are a new party looking to challenge the current two party system in the United States.  The Propertarian Party believes in the sovereignty of every individual, and in that individual’s right to use his property as he sees fit so long as he does not aggress against the property and person of others.

The goal of the Propertarians is in our motto: Maximum Freedom for a Just Society.  We want to expand the freedom of the individual to the maximum limits a completely contractual society will allow.  This includes reducing the powers of all levels of government, and giving that power to the individual.

The Propertarians believe that all actions should be made voluntarily, and nobody should be forced to acknowledge an authority they do not consent to.  We believe in the power of the individual to plan his own destiny, and the wonderful economic prosperity and social stability brought on by private property, free markets, and contracts.  Only when the individual is allowed complete sovereignty can a society be truly just.